Mature horniness isn’t a crime

Often, people to recoil in horror when there is a mention of older women having sex with younger men, but is it really a cause for distaste. Mature women are perfectly entitled to have sexual desires and since there are plenty of men who find the more seasoned lover appealing, why shouldn’t a MILF or cougar take advantage of the situation. No matter what age or gender, everyone is entitled to enjoy sex and live life to the fullest – who is anyone else to judge. As we get older our sex drive changes. For men, it is usually on …

Magic Mike XXL

How to Get a Body like Magic Mike

This week sees the release of Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the extremely popular male stripper movie starring Channing Tatum, in which Channing and the gang flex their rippling muscles for a thrilled audience once again. Who wouldn’t want to see a well oiled, muscly body thrusting around on stage, or anywhere else! This is the ultimate female fantasy! The increase in popularity of male stripping and male models have inspired men everywhere to improve their bodies, to have a lean, athletic physique, surely this must be a good thing for everyone! The actors in Magic Mike don’t have …


My First Swinging Experience

If you have ever wondered what it is like to go swinging, here is a genuine report from a couple who tried a swinging club for the very first time. Swinging is something a lot of people think about doing but are not brave enough, but as you will see, don’t be put off going, it really is something most people enjoy if they try, and opens them up to a whole new world of exciting fun. “My wife and I are always looking to experience new things and swinging was no exception. We had never involved other people before …


Erotic Fiction for FREE

If reading erotic stories is something that really gets your juices flowing but you don’t have a tight budget, did you know there are many ways to access free erotic fiction stories on your eReader, phone, tablet or computer. Probably the best way to read erotic fiction is via Amazon Kindle (either the actual device or one of the free Kindle Apps available for most platforms). Once you have your Kindle ready, point your browser at one of the main legal free ebook download site, DailyFreeBooks (UK based) or DailyFreeBooks.com (for the US and other countries). Once on the site, …


Top 5 Dogging Tips

Here are our secrets to success with dogging and public sex. Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned dogger, these top tips are vital for an evening of fun. Remember these simple rules and then feel free to go wild and enjoy yourselves. 1 – Do your research. Talk to people on-line first, find out where to meet up, make contact with some like-minded people to meet up with. Our dedicated site is a great place to start, click here to find out more. 2 – Bring condoms. Be ready for action, the last thing you want …

Chat-up Lines

Top 20 Most Corny Chat-Up Lines Ever

Most men and women find chat-up lines a turn-off, preferring a nice smile, a simple introduction and maybe a compliment. Chat-up lines can come across as corny, crude and even just plain pushy and trying to deliver one can be stressful and fraught with embarrassment. So, here are the worst ones we could find out there, for your amusement, use these as your peril! “I like your dress but it would look better on my bedroom floor” “Are you Jamaican? Because Jamaican me crazy” “Did it hurt falling from heaven?” “Hi my name is _______. Remember it, cause you’ll be …


Swinging tips for the single male

Being a single male on the swinging scene can be more difficult than it sounds. Attitude is the most important thing and so to help you we have some handy tips for men on their own. Make the right impression and you’ll be sure of having a fun evening the next time you arrange a meet or go to a swinging club or event.


My Breast Enlargement Story – A Boob Job Done Right

Breast implants were something I had considered for many years as I had always been unhappy with the size of my breasts. Any kind of surgery is a big step and the more that you try and research something like this the more scary things you hear to put you off! At the end of the day you always need to make the choices in life that are going to make you happy, not spend your life regretting that you didn’t do something or didn’t try something you always wanted. Most importantly though, I finally found a brilliant surgeon through …


Safe Sexting

If you just can’t resist the thrill of sending erotic texts to people you don’t know very well, you may be unaware of the dangers of giving out personal information like your mobile phone number or photos of yourself. Here are the three most important things to remember when sending saucy messages to strangers. Tip 1: Use a dedicated service Whenever you send a txt from your phone, your telephone number is automatically sent with it, so ideally you should never use a mobile phone to send messages to someone you don’t know, it is far better to use an …


Move on from Heartbreak

Due to financial burden, family conflicts, the Christmas and New Year period is one of the most stressful times for any couple so it may not surprise you to hear that the start of a new year often signals the end for troubled relationships. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of heartbreak over Christmas you can seek solace in the fact that you are not alone and that there are now many people looking to start over and find new partners, sometimes for a casual relationship and sometimes more. The new year is the best time to expand …


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