Naturism : A World of Freedom

If you are self-confident enough, naturism is a great lifestyle choice and brings a sense of liberation that you simply cannot imagine until you’ve tried it. There are numerous beaches and resorts that offer the perfect opportunity to strip of your clothes and inhibitions. Why are so many swingers also naturists? The truth is that swingers only make up a small percentage of the much larger naturist community, but when looking the other way round you can see that the majority of swingers are also keen naturists. The reason for this is that, by their very nature, individuals who enjoy …

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How sexually adventurous are you?

Are you making the most of your sex life, or are you barely scratching the surface when it comes to really exploring the limits of your sexuality. Our friends at Quiz.Community have launched a new fun quiz to grade you on just how sexually adventurous you are. With a range of 20 questions delving into areas like group sex, meet-ups and bedroom antics, have a go and see just how far up the scale you reach.  

Kinky sex
AdviceKink and Fetish

Try something kinky!

With the recent revolution in kinky literature such as ’50 Shades’ even the most vanilla types have been inspired to try something more adventurous. There is always something new to try in the bedroom even if you are a hardened kinkster and think you’ve seen it all before! Spanking Nothing feels naughtier that being told you’ve been very bad and being spanked for it. The sensation of being spanked can be highly erotic and the more your practice the better it becomes. Leaving a rosey pink glow on your cheeks will get you really hot all over! Use just your …

Sex meet advice

How to make the most of a sex meet

Be safe – always practice safe sex and get your protection sorted out in advance, don’t rely on the other person to arrange this for you because you don’t want any last minute hitches. Make sure that the first time you meet it is in a public place, until you get a feel for each other and never invite a stranger into your home until you are totally comfortable with them. Make sure you’re compatible – only then can you can satisfy each other and get the most fun out of your night together. Be honest about what you want …