Kink and Fetish

Interview with Master M. Hatter, author of Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours is a new book written to guide people who are in or starting an online or long-distance BDSM relationship. The book explores how to make the time when physically apart sizzle as much as the time spent together. Online relationships are covered in depth, with plenty of tips and tricks as well as  discussions on the psychology of BDSM relationships at a distance. We have taken a few moments interview the author, Master M. Hatter to find our more about the book and the work involved in writing it. What made you decide to write a book about …


Sex in Australia – Interesting Facts

As we have recently launched our Meet for Casual Sex Australia service, we thought it would be fitting to reveal a few interesting facts and figures about sex down-under. Whilst some of the results are fairly expected, there are more than a few surprises. The most surprising statistics are perhaps the number of people who would like to try swinging and that prefer their partner to attend to their pubic hair. 1. Casual Sex and Relationships 24% of the Australian population currently class themselves as Single, with an almost even 50/50 split between single men and single women. Of those …

Sex Toys

Good vibrations : 10 of the best vibrators on the market

We take a look at some of the best luxury vibrators on the market, from the more conventional to the completely unique. With a market flooded with cheap imported toys from China, it makes sense to spend a little extra on your pleasure and these toys offer everything you should aspire to in a sex toy. Made from the finest grade silicone for a luxurious feel and with carefully researched design and ergonomics, these toys are a treat for your body.

Welcome to Meet For Sex

Welcome to Meet For Sex Today

Meet for Sex Today is an exciting new resource for people interested in living a sexy, fulfilling and hedonistic lifestyle. For a long time, people have been afraid of their sexuality and indeed their bodies. The new era of sexual liberation began in the 1960’s with the Hippie sub-culture, a lifestyle that was unafraid to tackle previously taboo aspects of human interaction such as sexuality, psychedelic drugs and non-conformism. As time progressed and the decade of love and peace passed, society began again to revert to a more conservative stance with regards to sexuality, particularly in the 80’s which saw …