Dogging and Public Sex

Feeling adventurous? Want to try something new, thrilling? The thrill of voyeurism, watching people having sex, the chance to join in with complete strangers, plus the excitement of getting caught all add up to a major thrill.

Dogging is having sex in a public place with other people watching you or even joining in. Usually people meet in their cars, parked up at a secluded park or car park, but it can be anywhere secluded.

Doggers usually meet up online first, click here to find doggers in your area. Many dogging websites will list popular secluded places in any area to meet.

How it Works

  • First make sure there are no unwanted passers by that could be watching.
  • If you want to invite others to watch you leave your interior car lights on or flash your lights on and off.
  • Roll down the windows if you want to invite groping.
  • Open your doors if you want others to join in.

Dogging Etiquette

  • Be discreet and patient, if you’re in the right place at the right time something will happen.
  • If you want to join in ask permission first.
  • Be polite – don’t be pushy or aggressive or you will frighten people away.
  • Use protection – always use a condom.
  • Don’t touch or join in unless invited to.
  • Don’t leave a mess behind, clear up used condoms and tissues.

Keep Safe

  • Bring condoms with you.
  • Say ‘no’ anytime you are not happy or want to stop.
  • Talk to people online first to make sure you get on and want the same thing.
  • Stay anonymous; don’t give your real name.
  • Don’t take valuables with you or store them in a locked glove box.
  • Keep your phone charged up.
  • Keep your car doors locked until you are happy to take things further.
  • Keep a flashlight in the car.
  • Leave the engine running so you can make a quick exit if necessary.
  • If you aren’t happy or don’t feel safe just leave.

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Dogging and Public Sex
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