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If reading erotic stories is something that really gets your juices flowing but you don’t have a tight budget, did you know there are many ways to access free erotic fiction stories on your eReader, phone, tablet or computer.

Probably the best way to read erotic fiction is via Amazon Kindle (either the actual device or one of the free Kindle Apps available for most platforms). Once you have your Kindle ready, point your browser at one of the main legal free ebook download site, DailyFreeBooks (UK based) or (for the US and other countries). Once on the site, you can browse the Erotica sections for books that catch your eye. All of the books listed are available to download for free on that day. What’s more, you can also subscribe via email to receive lists of all the new Erotica books each and every day.

Aside from eBooks, there are also many websites that feature free erotic stories which you can read online. The best place for these in the UK is the Erotic Literature section at the UK Sex Forum. This features both true and fictional accounts of erotic encounters. Another great site for erotic fiction is Literotica which is a US site featuring a wide range of stories.

Whichever way you choose, there is no shortage of free erotica available if you know just where to look.


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