Guide to having better sex

Enjoying sex and having good sex is a basic human right, it makes you feel wonderful, boost your confidence, makes you fit and healthy and certainly improves your life. Everyone has different wants and needs and some people don’t find it easy to talk about so here is our guide to having better sex.

Get naked – make the most of your best assets and flaunt them. No one is perfect and we all have something to hide, show your best side and learn to love your body.

Masturbate – get to know your body and what makes you feel good, explore your erogenous zones, try some sex toys on your own and then introduce them to your sex sessions.

Communicate – talking about sex is very erotic, either beforehand or during sex. Tell your partner what you want, how you want to be touched and where, use it as foreplay to really get each other turned on.

Be considerate – some people are easily aroused and always ready for sex, others take a little longer to get in the mood. Foreplay is very important at building excitement and creating a more gratifying experience. Take your time and make your partner feel special.

Try something new – be creative and keep an open mind. Try some different sex positions, something different can really hit the spot. Have sex somewhere different, whether it’s just a different room or outdoors. Try something kinky – use a blindfold, tie him up and tease him a bit. Maybe a bit of role-play, something you’ve seen in a film and always wanted to try out?

Use Fantasies – dream up something really saucy for you and your lover to indulge in, is there something you’ve always wanted to try but never been brave enough? Maybe you have a fetish or want to try something kinky? Or how about a threesome or a bit of voyeurism? Not all fantasies work out in real life but just talking about them can get you in the mood.

Touchy feely – why not give your partner a slow sexy massage, or use oral stimulation only, explore your erogenous zones and drive each other crazy.

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Sylvia S

Sylvia S

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