How to Get a Body like Magic Mike

This week sees the release of Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the extremely popular male stripper movie starring Channing Tatum, in which Channing and the gang flex their rippling muscles for a thrilled audience once again. Who wouldn’t want to see a well oiled, muscly body thrusting around on stage, or anywhere else! This is the ultimate female fantasy!

The increase in popularity of male stripping and male models have inspired men everywhere to improve their bodies, to have a lean, athletic physique, surely this must be a good thing for everyone!

The actors in Magic Mike don’t have huge amounts of muscle and they are actors, not professional body builders, they have just put the time and effort into creating the look for the films, so why can’t anyone else do the same? It’s not going to be easy – in fact it’s going to be bloody hard work, but the results will be amazing and worth all the effort.

Channing Tatum trained for 3 hours every day and stuck to a strict dairy and gluten free diet, but this is very extreme and not recommended without the help of a professional trainer to avoid injuries. For everyone else training 3 to 4 times a week for 1 hour is adequate with a day to rest in between each workout day. Stick to a balanced, healthy diet with lots of protein, fruit and vegetables. If you are thin and want to gain muscle then choose a weight training regime and a diet that increases your calorie intake.

The internet is full of advise about and help, find yourself a regime you can stick to and keep it up! Maybe then your girlfriend will stop fantasizing about Magic Mike!

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Sylvia S

Sylvia S

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