How to make the most of a sex meet

Be safe – always practice safe sex and get your protection sorted out in advance, don’t rely on the other person to arrange this for you because you don’t want any last minute hitches. Make sure that the first time you meet it is in a public place, until you get a feel for each other and never invite a stranger into your home until you are totally comfortable with them.

Make sure you’re compatible – only then can you can satisfy each other and get the most fun out of your night together. Be honest about what you want but don’t expect too much from one night together. Check out people’s profiles online and make sure you fill yours out the include all the relevant details. Always include a photo of yourself too!

Relax and enjoy yourself – don’t worry about the details, sex meets are supposed to be fun and casual so just make the most of every moment and go with the flow. Be relaxed and confident in your attitude even if you are a little nervous inside.

What happens afterwards? If you decide to meet up again – brilliant, if not it doesn’t matter as long as you’ve had fun.

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Max B

Max B

Max is a regular contributor to several sexual discussion groups including Meet For Sex Today. He has a particular interest in all things kinky and hedonistic.

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