Milfs, Cougars and Beyond

You may be forgiven for thinking that men looking for sex are primarily seeking young fresh-faced girls under the age of 25, but statistics show that the majority of of searches are for older, more mature women. There seems to be something more alluring and intriguing about the mature woman, whether it’s because of their wider sexual experience or slightly different approach to things when it comes to having fun.

In recent years, we have heard new terms emerge for older women who are unafraid to enjoy their sexuality, spanning Milfs (which stands for Mother I’d Like To Fuck although not necessarily a parent) and Cougars (which generally refers to older women around 35-55 who are quite predatory when it comes to sex) right through to Gilfs (yup, you guessed it, Grandmother I’d Like To Fuck, the same principle as Milf but referring to women over 55). With divorce more common than ever, people giving birth younger, people living longer and also women reaching their sexual peak much later than men, it’s no wonder that so many females falling into the above categories are actively seeking milfs, cougars and mature women as sexual partners. Whilst sex is never just about looks, thanks to healthier and more active lifestyles, beauty products and even cosmetic surgery, older women can very easily compete on equal terms image-wise with younger women when it comes to finding a sex partner. That’s not to say that every man looking for an older woman is expecting them to be a hollywood star – many men are seeking women with particularly distinctive traits such as their physical size, habits and individual sexual fantasies.

One of the most interesting aspects is the fact that much younger men are seeking senior women (ie those above 60) as fuck-buddies. Before internet sites dedicated to finding sexual partners, finding someone much older would have been a difficult task due to separation in social lives and circles of friends, perhaps a degree of embarrassment and also the awkwardness of arranging a meeting. Thankfully, with the internet, you can approach the woman of your dreams on equal terms without having to worry about discretion or offending anyone – on a dedicated website such as our very own UK seniors, grannies and gilfs sex meets you already know that the women there are looking for intimate sexual encounters.

Whatever her age, a woman is a beautiful sexual being, so ladies, never be held back by your years, and you lucky men – you’re absolutely spoilt for choice – dating milfs and cougars has never been easier.

Milfs and Cougars
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