My First Swinging Experience

If you have ever wondered what it is like to go swinging, here is a genuine report from a couple who tried a swinging club for the very first time. Swinging is something a lot of people think about doing but are not brave enough, but as you will see, don’t be put off going, it really is something most people enjoy if they try, and opens them up to a whole new world of exciting fun.

“My wife and I are always looking to experience new things and swinging was no exception. We had never involved other people before other than as spectators, and have enjoyed voyeurism and exhibitionism without being hands-on with anyone else, but after much discussion we decided we were ready to take things further and join in with others a bit more. We have always been very clear that this would never involve full intercourse with anyone else.

Being new to swinging, we did some research on line about local clubs and who would be going so there would be a good turn out. We decided on a swingers club with naturist spa and went for the afternoon and evening. The afternoon was open to everyone but the evening session was for couples only.

On entering the club we were informed/warned that it’s a naturist spa and that you will have to remove your clothes and also that there are a number of rules that have to be obeyed. Once you accept and pay, you are taken to a small changing area where you remove your clothes and place things in a locker. You are allowed to take a washbag with essentials in with you, but you must leave your locker key with the staff.

There was a lounge area for general socialising and refreshments. All items purchased are placed on a tab (your locker key number) so you don’t have to carry cash around, you just pay when you leave. In the lounge areas you are required to wear a towel.

The facilities consisted of several steam rooms, sauna and pool/jacuzzis, a sun-terrace and and indoor solarium (sort of like a conservatory). The main area of interest though are the ‘Rest Rooms’ which are where all the swinging activity happens. Sex and ‘amorous behaviour’ are not allowed in the rest of the spa.

When we arrived in the afternoon it was fairly quiet, maybe 8 single men and two other couples. But as the day progressed it got busier, there were some large groups of people who had arranged to meet in advance through swingers websites, and if you want some guaranteed action or if you are after something specific this is the best way to arrange it.

We spent some time relaxing and enjoying the spa facilities before plucking up the courage to move upstairs to the rest rooms.

The rest rooms consisted of a few private rooms with lockable doors, a medium size voyeur room with mirrors on the ceilings and walls and an orgy room with a huge bed for around 6 couples.

We went into a private booth just the two of us to have a bit of a kiss and a grope to get in the mood and then shortly after headed out into the orgy room. Shortly after another couple whom we’d spoken to briefly earlier arrived and lay down next to us. I’ll spare you the details, but essentially we had some very nice sex but we didn’t interact at all with them other than some mutual watching. During this, some other couples arrived and took up various spots on the huge bed.

Next we moved on to the room with the mirrors on the ceiling. The couple next to us were having great fun, he pulled a vibrator out of his washbag along with some handcuffs. The guy beckoned me to take a front position to spitroast his partner. We consented and so positioned ourselves accordingly. After a bit of fun the female called a halt due to an attack of nerves, the guy explained it was her first time too, so it was understandable but in truth it did kill the mood a bit.

We decided to go and chill out for a bit and when we returned the orgy room was filled, for the most part with a group of people who had obviously pre-arranged a meet up at the spa. Plenty of people were around watching and some of the private rooms were occupied. If you are in a private room and leave the door wide open, you are inviting people to watch, and in the room next to us the door was open and one young attractive couple were going for it so we stood by the door and watched them whilst we played with each other.

Back on the orgy bed a few spaces had come up and so we took a spot. The space next to us was then filled by another couple. We had some great sex and were well watched, but didn’t interact with the other couple as they weren’t really attractive to us.

Being pretty tired by that time and it almost being closing time anyway, we decided to take a shower and head home. On the way back, we stopped off for a quick glance in the voyeur room and were invited to join a quite attractive couple, but by then we were very tired and had nothing left in the tank so we politely declined.

As a first introduction to a swinging club it was nice friendly atmosphere, the people were polite and not pushy, even the single males. We had met some nice people and it was a great first experience. Now that we have a bit of experience we know that meeting people on line first can be very helpful and then arranging to meet up at a club for some fun, will be a much more productive evening, plus you know that there will be someone there that you fancy!

We have since tried a couple of other clubs and parties and met some great fun people, we always stick firmly to our decided rules about how far to take things and we are both happy and enjoying ourselves. If you have a strong committed relationship, are able to talk openly with your partner and don’t suffer from jealousy issues, then you can have great fun.”

If swinging for the first time is something you’d love to try, or even if you are experienced on the scene, our partners, Swinging Directory can help you to find and connect with active swingers and casual sex contacts all over the UK from a huge directory of over 1 million people. Visit the group site here

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