Naturism : A World of Freedom

If you are self-confident enough, naturism is a great lifestyle choice and brings a sense of liberation that you simply cannot imagine until you’ve tried it. There are numerous beaches and resorts that offer the perfect opportunity to strip of your clothes and inhibitions.

Why are so many swingers also naturists? The truth is that swingers only make up a small percentage of the much larger naturist community, but when looking the other way round you can see that the majority of swingers are also keen naturists. The reason for this is that, by their very nature, individuals who enjoy the swinging scene are comfortable with their bodies and have the confidence and control to enjoy the freedom of naturism, so to some extent, swinging and naturism are natural extensions of your right to enjoy your body and free you spirit.

Here are some of the top naturist beaches by country :


Lady Bay, Sydney : Australia’s most well-known naturist beach

Werrong Beach, South Coast : Close to Stanwell National Park and featuring a natural amphitheater of 300m.

Samurai Beach, North Coast : A 1km beach which is entirely clothing optional

For more information on naturism in Australia, visit The Australian Naturist Federation


Wreck Beach, Vancouver BC is the most well known naturist beach and is extremely popular.

Hanlan’s Point, Toronto is the only other official naturist beach in Canada, although there are several unofficial beaches where nudity is accepted.

For more information on naturism in Canada, visit The Federation of Canadian Naturists


Ireland has no official naturist beaches and technically nudity on a public place or beach is illegal, however there are many beaches where nudity is unofficially accepted though please be discrete. There are a couple of ways to enjoy naturism however:

Club Aquarius, Leinster : This club arranges events like picnics and swimming sessions and is affiliated to the Irish Naturist Association. More info.

Southern Naturist Club, Cork : Another group that hold events including swim and sauna nights. More info.

You can find out more about naturism in Ireland from the Irish Naturist Association

New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place for naturists and has a huge number of naturist beaches where you can enjoy warm weather and beautiful  surroundings. Here are a couple of popular ones.

Uretiti Beach, Northland : This popular beach  has golden sand and is adjacent to a camp site (no nudity on camp). A great way to enjoy naturism in New Zealand.

Lake Kaniere, West Coast : This is a secluded spot with small beaches and of course a lake – perfect for skinny-dipping.

Further information on naturism in New Zealand can be found at the New Zealand Naturist Federation.

South Africa

Mpenjati Beach, Port Edward : A very popular although unofficial naturist beach and wildlife reserve.

Sandy Bay, Capetown : Although unofficial, this beach is a popular destination for naturists.

South Africa has its own Naturists Association where you can find out much more.

United Kingdom

The UK is a fantastic place for naturists with a great many naturist beaches in England, Scotland and Wales.

Studland Bay, Dorset, England : This is one of the UK’s best official naturist beaches with a huge stretch of golden sand, dunes and is ideal for swimming.

Balmedie Beach, Aberdeenshire, Scotland : Another wonderful award winning sandy beach with dunes.

Morfa Dyffryn, Wales : This beach has a dedicated naturist area of over half a kilometer with sand, dunes and great views. The water here can be very cold though.

For more information about naturism in the UK, visit British Naturism

United States

Black’s Beach, La Jolla, CA : The top destination for nude bathers in the US, great for surfers and naturists alike.

Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida : A white-sand beach and crystal-clear waters make this a wonderful place to experience naturism in America.

Lots more information can be found at the American Association for Nude Recreation website.

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