Safe Sexting

If you just can’t resist the thrill of sending erotic texts to people you don’t know very well, you may be unaware of the dangers of giving out personal information like your mobile phone number or photos of yourself. Here are the three most important things to remember when sending saucy messages to strangers.

Tip 1: Use a dedicated service

Whenever you send a txt from your phone, your telephone number is automatically sent with it, so ideally you should never use a mobile phone to send messages to someone you don’t know, it is far better to use an online service dedicated to meeting sex partners. Many of these will have an online sexting service for you to message other members without giving away any more information than is absolutely necessary.

Tip 2: Make sure that geo-tagging on your phone/camera is turned off before taking any photos

Most modern mobile devices have the ability to record information on where a photo is taken. This means that the quick snap you’ve just taken in front of your mirror could hold information on where you live or are currently located. If you haven’t had geo-tagging turned off on your camera before now, be sure never to send photos taken when it was on to anyone you don’t know.

To learn how to turn off geo-tagging, watch this video

Tip 3: Don’t include your face or anything identifiable in your photos

If you are taking a photo to send a stranger, you will want to be sure to keep your face hidden until you really trust the person you are sending to. It is not uncommon for private photos to end up publicly visible on the internet after some unscrupulous person shares that selfie meant only for them. Imagine your friends or family stumbling across a photo of you naked on the internet. You can either edit out your face using a photo editing app, or simply throw an item of clothing over your head if necessary. Better still, only take photos from the neck down.

When sending photos, check that there is nothing in the background that can help identify you or your location, for example your car registration number, a street name or an easily recognisable landmark.






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