Sex in Australia – Interesting Facts

As we have recently launched our Meet for Casual Sex Australia service, we thought it would be fitting to reveal a few interesting facts and figures about sex down-under. Whilst some of the results are fairly expected, there are more than a few surprises. The most surprising statistics are perhaps the number of people who would like to try swinging and that prefer their partner to attend to their pubic hair.

1. Casual Sex and Relationships

24% of the Australian population currently class themselves as Single, with an almost even 50/50 split between single men and single women. Of those who are in relationships, 4.4% are in an open relationship and 5.6% are married swingers.

2. Sexual Orientation

The majority (75%) of Aussies are heterosexual, with 19.3% either considering themselves bi-sexual or bi-curious. Of these, almost twice as many women than men are bi-curious. 43.8% of women fantasise about sex with another woman.

3. Body Image

40.8% of Australian women and 35.7% of men are unhappy with their own bodies and feel they need to lose weight. 50% of women and 46.1% of men prefer their partners to have a slim or athletic  body type and 13.9% of women and 10.1% of men feel that their partner’s body type doesn’t matter to them.

4. Gentlemen prefer blondes – or do they?

50.9% of Aussie men are more attracted to brunettes compared to 27.3% who prefer blonde. This figure is mirrored by the women who also favour those with darker hair.

5. Pubic Hair

57% of women in Australia either shave or wax their pubic hair whilst a smaller but still significant 22.3% of men do the same. Only 10.6% of women let their pubes grow wild whereas 26.3% of men are happy to let nature take its course. When it comes to partners, 47.5% of men prefer their partner to have shaved or waxed pubes and 68.7% of women like their partners to trim, shave or wax.

6. Penis Size

44.4% of men in Australia have a penis between 6 and 7 inches in length when erect and 12% have a penis larger than 8 inches. 44% of men are happy with their penis size. When women were asked, their ideal penis size falls in the range of 6-8 inches with 25.8% preferring circumcised, 12.6% preferring uncut and 38.9% not bothered either way.

7. Masturbation

57% of men masturbate at least twice a week compared with 32.1% of women. Of those, 44.9% of women use a vibrator or dildo. 14.9% of men and 24.6% of women think about their partner when masturbating. 1.2% of men and 0.4% of women think about their partners friend(s). Most men and women feel that actual sex give significantly better orgasms than flying solo.

8. Meeting Partners

Approximately 30% of the population have slept with someone they met online through a hook-up or dating website, and 18% have gone on to have a serious relationship with that person.

9. Open relationships and Swinging

15.7% of males and 18.3% of females have been in an open relationship or a swinging lifestyle. A surprising 36.4% of males and 24.3% of females would consider being a part of a swinging relationship.

10. Fantasies

43.2% of men and 30.6% of women would consider a threesome or orgy to be something they’d like to try. Approximately twice as many women than men would love to try kinky sex, BDSM, rough violent sex or have public sex.


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