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Sex Toys for Men – The Fleshlight

The latest major revolution in male sex toys is the ‘Fleshlight’, advertised as giving amazing new sensations that recreate a realistic feeling experience to give you the best masturbation experience possible. With very few toys on offer for men in the past, and those available being disappointing, can the Fleshlight really deliver?

First a brief description. The casing is discreetly disguised as a torch or flashlight, hence the name. Usually they are sized up to 10 inches in length, giving around 9 inches of internal use, smaller versions are available. The outer casing holds an inner soft and realistic feeling material that matches the feel of real flesh and warms to body temperature quickly. The canals are very small, usually 0.25 to 0.5 inches wide, with the material stretching to give you a very snug fit. The canals are moulded into a vast array of shapes internally with ridges and chambers to give a range of sensations, externally they are moulded into the perfect vagina, mouth or anus, with designs to perfectly match your favourite porn star.

Fleshlight options

Internal options, cleaner and renewing powder

Make sure to apply plenty of water based lubricant when using for that realistic slippery sensation. Suction can be increased but unscrewing the cap at the end. It can also be soaked in warm water before use to raise it to body temperature.

It’s really important to keep your Fleshlight clean, this should be done after every use to keep the material in ‘good as new’ condition. Remove the internal sleeve and rinse through the canal with warm water, spray with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and rinse again. Do the same with the outer casing. Leave to dry completely, products with a more complicated internal texture will take longer to dry. When fully dry the Fleshlight material will still feel a bit tacky, you will need to apply a renewing powder to restore the super soft feeling.

The Fleshlight comes highly recommended, there are so many reviews out there from satisfied customers, all describing amazing sensations from the realistic feel and the internal textures. Many claim that this has changed their sex lives and only wish they had been invented sooner! The fairly high cost really does seem to be worth it, and the range of different products offering different shapes and sensations will keep you coming back for more.

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