Swinging tips for the single male

Sometimes it can be quite difficult being a single male on the swinging scene. Men on their own are often perceived as being quite predatory and pushy and so first impressions are incredibly important if you want to avoid a night of frustration. Here are a few tips from our friends at the swingers network, Swinging.Directory, to help you make a good impression and hopefully increase your chances of having a fun evening.

1. Be well dressed and well groomed

Whether you are going to a club or meeting another person or couple you have arranged to see, putting some effort into your appearance is going to go a long way. Get it wrong and you could have ruined your chances before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Take a shower, have a shave and check your body hair and tidy if necessary. Make sure your hands, nails and  private parts are clean, your breath is fresh and your ears and eyebrows trimmed.

Even if you are going to a naturist swinging spa where you will spend most of the time naked, clothing is still very important. Make sure you have some clean and tidy, well-fitting underwear, preferably something sexy. Wear smart and comfortable outer-wear and make sure you look presentable – get this wrong and you may even be turned away by the doormen wrecking your chances before you even start.

2. Be polite and confident

Even the most seasoned swingers can feel nervous at the start of an evening, and sometimes this shows by being overly chatty or loud – try to keep a handle on your chatting and keep it relevant and at a sensible level. Don’t draw the wrong kind of attention.

If you are approaching someone, clothed or naked, try not to stare too much (no matter how hot they are). Being stared at can make the other person uncomfortable and they are far less likely to engage you.

3. Don’t be pushy or persistant

Often people will know very quickly if someone is the type of person they would like to play with, so if you are trying to engage a person or couple and they don’t seem interested, avoid pestering or trying to push them towards a play situation – all this will achieve is annoying them and possibly ruining your chances with anyone else who notices. Never touch someone or interrupt someone’s play unless you have been invited to do so.

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