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Forums all over the internet are overflowing with people all asking the same question – how can I find someone to share my fetish with? The world of kink and fetish is exciting and appealing, the only limit is your imagination and a partner willing to indulge you. Many people have fantasies that they want to explore but have never had the chance, for some they are happy to keep these fantasies only in their head, but for most, the opportunity to explore their fetishes and desires to their fullest extent is the only option. If you are not currently …

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Try something kinky!

With the recent revolution in kinky literature such as ’50 Shades’ even the most vanilla types have been inspired to try something more adventurous. There is always something new to try in the bedroom even if you are a hardened kinkster and think you’ve seen it all before! Spanking Nothing feels naughtier that being told you’ve been very bad and being spanked for it. The sensation of being spanked can be highly erotic and the more your practice the better it becomes. Leaving a rosey pink glow on your cheeks will get you really hot all over! Use just your …