Naturism : A World of Freedom

If you are self-confident enough, naturism is a great lifestyle choice and brings a sense of liberation that you simply cannot imagine until you’ve tried it. There are numerous beaches and resorts that offer the perfect opportunity to strip of your clothes and inhibitions. Why are so many swingers also naturists? The truth is that swingers only make up a small percentage of the much larger naturist community, but when looking the other way round you can see that the majority of swingers are also keen naturists. The reason for this is that, by their very nature, individuals who enjoy …


Sex in Australia – Interesting Facts

As we have recently launched our Meet for Casual Sex Australia service, we thought it would be fitting to reveal a few interesting facts and figures about sex down-under. Whilst some of the results are fairly expected, there are more than a few surprises. The most surprising statistics are perhaps the number of people who would like to try swinging and that prefer their partner to attend to their pubic hair. 1. Casual Sex and Relationships 24% of the Australian population currently class themselves as Single, with an almost even 50/50 split between single men and single women. Of those …

Better sex guide

Guide to having better sex

Enjoying sex and having good sex is a basic human right, it makes you feel wonderful, boost your confidence, makes you fit and healthy and certainly improves your life. Everyone has different wants and needs and some people don’t find it easy to talk about so here is our guide to having better sex. Get naked – make the most of your best assets and flaunt them. No one is perfect and we all have something to hide, show your best side and learn to love your body. Masturbate – get to know your body and what makes you feel …

Open Cup Bras

Sexy lingerie to drive him wild!

Every lady needs to feel sexy and nothing boost your confidence quite like some new sexy lingerie. Drive him wild with anticipation by giving him a quick flash next time you go out on a hot date together! Why not get him to treat you to something new – start dropping hints girls!