Top 5 Dogging Tips

Here are our secrets to success with dogging and public sex. Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned dogger, these top tips are vital for an evening of fun. Remember these simple rules and then feel free to go wild and enjoy yourselves.

1 – Do your research. Talk to people on-line first, find out where to meet up, make contact with some like-minded people to meet up with. Our dedicated site is a great place to start, click here to find out more.

2 – Bring condoms. Be ready for action, the last thing you want is to be refused your fun if you’re not prepared or worse, catch something nasty, all for the sake of a few quid.

3 – Just say ‘NO’ and feel free to leave at any time – don’t feel pressurized into doing something you don’t want or doing someone you don’t like. You can stop what you’re doing at any time if you don’t’ like it or don’t feel safe. Don’t worry about anyone else, only do what YOU want to do.

4 – Follow dogging etiquette. Always ask permission first before you join in with anything, don’t join in until you have been given permission to do so. Always be polite, not pushy or aggressive, this will get you much further. Don’t leave a mess behind as this will alert people and authorities to you activities, and plus it’s just messy!

5 – Enjoy yourself. Dogging is a very exciting and thrilling thing to do, having sex with complete strangers, or watching others having sex, can be a major thrill. The chance of getting caught in the act just adds to the excitement.

Dogging and Public Sex
For the most audacious casual sex, the men and women in this group are no stranger to car sex, outdoor sex and public orgies. Visit the group site here

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